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GUTTERSPACE was born out of a dream of two lifelong friends – Adrian and Alex – who have always shared similar interests. Cameras. Films. Graphic novels. Counter culture. Politics.

This has shaped GUTTERSPACE’s approach and style of work, which emphasises the power of story-telling, taking modern culture and putting their own style and spin on it.

Complementing each other’s skills and areas of expertise, GUTTERSPACE have a team with extensive experience within the world of NGO’s, media & advertising.

Adrian is a post-production whizz and a talented photographer with a background working with NGOs and political movements. Having witnessed firsthand the detrimental and often deadly effects of UK immigration policies, his content amplifies the voices of marginalised and vulnerable people.

Alex is a nifty camera man and an award-winning director with an impressive portfolio of work with brands and local authorities. Through this work Alex has always pushed for his films to empower change in local communities and championed those who are leading the charge.

Rowan is a photographer and filmmaker who has been working for many years with the United Nations and international NGOs as well as founding and directing his own NGO helping refugees in Europe. 

GUTTERSPACE X The National Forest

We are proud to support the National Forest in their tireless work to redevelop over 200 square miles of the midlands into a new wooded landscape. This work will help to reduce CO2 levels, restore habitats and help wildlife to thrive and the forest to flourish.

At GUTTERSPACE we are passionate about making the world a better, greener place. We have pledged to donate every time an invoice has been paid, and to dedicate a tree for every new client that chooses to work with us.

Visit to show your support and donate!