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GUTTERSPACE is an independent video production company based in London. 

We aim to harness the power of human stories to inspire social change through our films. Stories are what connect us, and we aim to empower people to make a positive impact on others around them, whether it’s in their own communities, workplace or worldwide. 

We want to work collaboratively with you to create high-quality films that are tailored to suit your needs and budget. We are a small company with big ideas, and we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service. This enables us to be part of your team, to embrace your principles and champion your ideas to make content that really works for you.

We guess this is why our clients choose to work with us time and time again. 

We can guide you through all the stages of production from briefs to scripts, planning to shooting, editing to sound design, interviews to media training, and social strategies to storyboards.

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